I was Born and raised amongst the rolling hills of western New York state. Somewhere along the way I stumbled on a passion for seeing the world around me and the creativity and beauty contained within. Perhaps inspired by my Grandfather who spent countless hours telling me stories of Peru and sharing his extensive collection of National Geogrpahics with me. I had to go see for myself. 

After finishing my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Alfred University in upstate New York in 2002, I set about doing my best to see what I could of the world and capture it with my camera. A reluctant convert to digital, a large amount of the photos on this site were captured with 35mm film. Eventually, I got to combine my love of travel and photography with a job in the publishing industry. I spent more than 5 years traveling and photographing for Harding House publishing and their various affiliates, working both in house and freelance for them. I also did design for their various book projects as well as layout and managed their extensive stock photography collection. 

From there I pressed on to Napa, California to continue pursuing my work and to foster a incipient love of wine. I worked printing wine labels for a lithographer in St. Helena California while simultaneously pursing freelance design and photography, eventually leaving the printing to continue my freelance work full time. 

I have now called Portland Oregon home since 2007. Shortly after arriving I settled in to a full time in house position with snowboarding apparel company Grenade Gloves. I ran the sticker production, designed for print and web, worked with social media and marketing, photographed samples and final products for catalogs, and helped to design and set up trade shows amongst many other things. 

As of September 2015, I am now the team lead for the Filter Nike design team. I helped to build and manage a team of designers and copywriters to facilitate web refresh work for Nike.com. We work across many different categories across Nike with an eye for aesthetic and detail. 

In what's left of my spare time I am also a music lover playing in two different bands, guitar in one and bass in the other. I have a deep love for things made of wool, well made items and pancakes.